About me!

Hey Everyone! My name is Jonas and I’m an MMO addict. My favorite games include Ultima Online, Ragnarok Online, and League of Legends. I probably play League the most out of these three, but I like to try new games often!

I’ll try to keep things interesting so stay tuned! I’ll most talk about League of Legends and random new games that come out. League has been my “steady” MMO and I’ve been playing it pretty much consistently for 3+ years now. I made my account back in Beta (so yeah I got dat rare King Rammus skin!) I got Diamond 1 in Season 3 and Masters in Season 4. So I consider myself a pretty darn good player! Leave your username in the comments and I’ll add you!



One thought on “About me!

  1. strictly speaking, LOL is not really an MMO, it’s a MOBA as you know, but somehow does get lumped in with the mmos all the time, perhaps due to similar tactics and game mechannics


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