How to Play Foreign MMORPGs

Having spent most of my gaming career playing games available in the U.S. I always felt like I was missing out on the games that never made it here. Not just that though, even if I knew a game was going to release in the West, I never got a chance to try it before it’s Western release. I mainly play MMOs, so I’ll use some MMO examples. A lot of people got a chance to play Blade and Soul well before NCSoft released it in the U.S. / EU in 2016. Same thing goes for Black Desert Online (but with Kakao Games obviously, not NCSoft). Given that a lot of people don’t know how to play these games from the U.S. I decided to compile a short little guide here:

Step 1: Acquire an account on whatever game you want to play

Making an account on your own for most Korean games is impossible for people in America because they need to be I-pin verified with a Korean social security number. So the best way to get one of these accounts is to just buy one from someone. I recently wanted to try Closers Online (published by Nexon) so I searched Google Buy Verified Nexon Korea Account and ended up buying one for about $25. I bought a Nexon account because it’s good for every game Nexon publishes (and that’s a lot of games! I not only played Closers, but I also checked out Hyper Universe Online and MS2).


To play Chinese MMORPGs you’ll need an account on the Chinese publisher’s website. Tencent is by far the biggest game company over there and they publish some of the biggest titles and luckily you can get a QQ account entirely for free if you follow this guide “how to register a Tencent QQ account for free”. If you’re feeling lazy or if the guide doesn’t work for you for whatever reason you can just buy a Tencent QQ account to play these games. From my experience you don’t need a VPN to play most of these games (I was able to play Moonlight Blade without ever turning my VPN on)

Russian and Japanese game accounts can be registered for free from my experience. Bless Russia for example doesn’t need any fancy phone verification and Soul Worker Japan doesn’t either. Both of these games do require a VPN though, so make sure you turn your VPN on before trying to access their websites or you’ll run into problems. I can’t speak for most Russian MMOs, but most Japanese MMORPGs seem to have IP blocks in place (Seventh Dark Online / LaPlace for example needed one too).


Step 2) Download and play

A lot of Korean and Chinese games don’t require a VPN to play, so just download the games and log in with your appropriate account. I’ve had no trouble playing Nexon and Tencent games from the U.S. Oftentimes these foreign games do have English patches, so search google for one before launching your game, otherwise it’s easy to get lost. Stuff like high-ping can’t be avoided, so you’ll always be at a disadvantage in most PvP centric MMORPGs or FPS games.

Well that’s it. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll try to help!


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