Awful Free to Play Games Launching on Steam

What on Earth compels game developers to release obviously awful games? At a certain point in the development cycle, you’d think someone would step in and be like, “Wait a minute. THIS is our game? This blows – let’s cut our losses”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should, as the free to play section of Steam was recently blessed with a turd of an MMORPG this last week called Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms. I’m normally pretty easy on free to play games, after all – they’re free and it didn’t cost me a dime to play, but Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is a unique game in that I find it offensive. First of all, it launched in 2016, but looks like it came out in 2006 or 2007. Hell. It looks a lot like Last Chaos, Shaiya, or any other old Korean MMORPG. The odd thing though is that it isn’t even Korean. It’s developed by an indie South African company and boasts that it’s the first South African MMO and even includes the South African flag on its trailer. If I lived in South Africa, I’d be embarrassed to see my symbol of national pride displayed on such an awful looking game.


Without a doubt Destiny of Ancient Kingdom’s most offensive aspect is its ugly user interface, which is plain awful. It looks like the developers drew inspiration from age old games like Darkeden or Mu Online. A user interface like the one in this game doesn’t belong in ANY game released THIS decade.


Aside from Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms, the Free to Play section on Steam has been bombarded with older MMORPGs launching on the platform. World of Fishing for example launched in September, 2016 and is as you probably correctly guessed, a fishing MMO. Fishing isn’t my cup of tea, but at least it looks somewhat modern and decent, whereas games like Thanatos and KalOnline (Kal Online) have no business on Steam. These are 2 old games that have no chance of success as they’re over a decade old. These game studios think they can just relaunch their old game on Steam to try and breath new life into it. The problem is people aren’t going to suddenly start playing an old MMORPG when they have countless newer (and better) alternatives. The MMO industry gets A LOT of flak for regurgitating the same old stuff over and over again, but at least games like Twin Saga and Riders of Icarus actually look good and are playable.

MMO studios need to stop releasing outdated crappy games on Steam. No one is going to play them and they’re just wasting their own time.


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