Getting Better at MOBAs – Climbing Ranks

I typically blog about various MMORPGs, but this week I want to talk about MOBAs. I’ve been playing MOBAs for a long time. I’ve played the original DotA on Warcraft 3 well before it was called “DotA All stars” and even played the first ever MOBA called “Aeon of Strife”, which was a custom map of Starcraft. I also consider myself a highly skilled player, as I’ve achieved very high rankings in every single MOBA I’ve played – Masters division in league of Legends, 4400 MMR in DotA 2, and 1950 MMR in Heroes of Newerth (pre clamp). I haven’t played too much Heroes of the Storm, but Hotslogs puts my normal MMR at over 4K which is “Diamond”. So suffice to say, I’m pretty decent at MOBAs and I’d like to help others improve their game.


The most common (and also one of the biggest) mistakes most people I see make is the need to blame others for their losses. Whenever you lose a game of League or DotA, there’s only 1 person to blame and that’s yourself. Blaming your teammates for your current rating is absurd because you have no influence or control over your teammates. The only variable in a single game of a MOBA that you have ANY control over is yourself. So why bother complaining about your teammates? Insulting and blaming members of your own team only makes them play worse. It distracts them and makes them combative. The biggest problem with blaming teammates over a bad game is that it deflects blame from yourself. Players need to focus on one thing and one thing only: improvement. The more time spent arguing and blaming others, the less time available to study and learn from your own mistakes. So not only is it counter-productive, it’s absolutely nonsensical. Blaming your teammates for losing a game is like complaining about the weather. You can’t control the weather and you can’t control your teammates. So stop crying over it and focus on improving your own game.


One interesting article I stumbled upon is called How to Get Better at League of Legends on and I strongly recommend everyone go check it out. It goes into detail about the whole blaming teammates being ridiculous bit.

Another way to get better at MOBAs is to take a step back and go into each game with a calm and cool mind. There’s no reason to get upset or angry at the results of a game. The more emotional and upset a player gets, the worse they’re going to play. Let’s not forget why most of us play games, it’s to have fun. Having fun doesn’t mean not taking a game seriously, but it does mean that everyone needs to take a step back and relax. Any time and effort spent getting upset should be channeled into learning from previous mistakes. The way I see it is this: Every defeat is a learning experience. Little is learned from victories.

Lastly, I want to point out that players outside the top 1% don’t need to study tactics used by professional eSports teams. What works in professional matches amongst top tier players may not necessarily work in traditional ranked games. While strategy is important, it’s not nearly as important as mechanics in non-pro games. So spend less time studying the pros and more time working on your own mechanics.
If anyone else has any good tips for improving in MOBAs, leave them in the comments below!


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