Skyforge MMORPG Review

While Skyforge is pegged as an “AAA Sci-Fi MMORPG” focused on combat an action, it often comes off as an only somewhat different MMO that is too limited to stand out from the pack. Now this isn’t to say that there aren’t unique and interesting elements to this game, but where these elements exist so do player caps and overly-complex systems or quirks.

Skyforge Gameplay
Skyforge Gameplay

In Skyforge you play as an up and coming immortal on their way to becoming a god, gaining your own followers to increase your power as you defend a world under threat. There are a multitude of incredible features here that would normally make for a phenomenal game. There are 13 Unique Classes to choose from, and a system that allows you to switch between them with the same character. There are a number of PVP maps in the Pantheon Wars, with up to 24 players. Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Payload, and Capture the Flag modes are available. Weapons range from traditional swords to dual-wielded pistols and laser rifles. With all of these great points going for a game, it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong. Skyforge is developed and published by – the same company behind Armored Warfare and Allods Online.

Namely, the controls are one of Skyforge’s core issues. Your character is controlled via a standard, albeit clunky, ‘WASD’ system. You can attack using both mouse buttons, and there are ability keys for various learned attacks. The combat, one of Skyforge’s most advertised strong suits, can suffer from its control scheme. The game takes on a difficult-to-manage blend of classic MMO and console action title controls. This means that while attacks are not automatic must be manually aimed and executed, the amount of precision required is laughable. In fact, the immense amount of auto-aim can interfere with combat when large numbers of enemies come into play as you may often attack enemies that were simple near your reticle. You can lock your target, but this detracts from the console-like action experience the Skyforge tries to sell. When the combat works, it works well. It’s entertaining, and a blast with friends. The game’s focus on action really shows with the different playable classes with the noticeable lack of a healing class, instead opting to go for highly offensive class-styles.

Skyforge Atlas System

Weekly activities, social events and missions can be fun, but they are more limiting than would be liked. The game is advertised to be play with friends, with much of the game featuring missions specifically created with 3 to 5 player squads in mind. However, due to a numbers only ranking system, higher level and lower level players are helplessly segregated. This, combined with the weekly currency cap and repetitive missions, makes group play short-lived and frustrating.

To summarize the other components of the game, I’d say the rest is pretty okay. The graphics are visually stunning, but sounds and music won’t be blowing anybody away. Player skills are highly customizable, but most people will ignore variety for the temptation of quick and mindless leveling. Other components of the game are too complex for the player-base they’ve set up, and lobbies were full of players asking how to do simple tasks or how to navigate the UI.

Skyforge is an unfortunate example of a game that has great key features but a flimsy base. The control scheme can feel odd, specifically during combat, detracting from one of the most important pillars of this title, the complex class systems are overlooked because of an appeal to a thoughtless character leveling system, restrictions are far too common and simple tasks can be a pain. If you’re looking for a revolutionary MMO, this is a so-so attempt at one. Still, it brings a lot more to the table than older MMOs like Twelve Sky 2and Dekaron. It’s free, it’s shiny, and new. Do check it out.


2 thoughts on “Skyforge MMORPG Review

  1. I tried playing this too but I got bored after a few quests. I agree that it has stunning graphics but I don’t really have the patience to learn how to play SF. I can’t even find reasons why I quit early in the game. Guess, I just have to wait for the release of BNS and BDO.


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