League of Legends Special Event: Bilgewater

League of Legends is currently hosting the ongoing Bilgewater event, featuring lots of ways for players to engage in the pirate themed storyline. Bilgewater features several acts with each new act revealing background on champions Twisted Fate, Graves, Gangplank and Miss Fortune. Free and exclusive event-only icons are up for grabs if players complete tasks dependent on which champion they side with in each part of the story.

The Bilgewater event comes with new pirate-themed skins for Graves, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Aatrox and Garen, as well as discount bundles for Miss Fortune and veteran Bilgewater skins. Up for grabs in this event are also two exclusive ward skins and a purchasable icon. If in-game rewards don’t suit your fancy, Riot also offers a discount on pirate-related merchandise in their store.

The ARAM map had a complete overhaul of the previous Frejlord ice theme to celebrate the Bilgewater event with an appropriately named “Butcher’s Bridge,” which features new textures, art and voice over. On top of everything else, an exclusive game mode was released called “Black Market Brawlers” featuring new items, minions and currency to duel against your enemies with.

Overall, Riot released an overwhelming amount of new content in celebration of their pirate themed-event and it’s doing a great job keeping the MOBA fresh. It offers a lot for players to engage with and reap rewards for successfully meeting the goals of the champion they pledge their allegiance to. New skins, maps and music are just a few of the features that were released for Bilgewater.

With the recent release of Bilgewater Act III in the storyline, be sure to head over to check out the exclusive content before the end of the event. There are hours of new content to explore for new players and veterans alike. League of Legends continues to dominate the MOBA market.


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