Survival Games are In

Survival games on Steam on an tear. Just look at the top most played games on Steam and you’ll quickly find numerous survival games on the top 20. Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust are amongst the most played games on Steam. I’ve played Rust a decent amount since it originally launched into early access about a year ago and the game has changed a lot over the years. It’s a great game, but I’m still surprised by the sheer popularity of the sandbox survival game genre. People seem to absolutely love these survival games. Even the unfinished and incredibly buggy DayZ routinely has over 10,000 users online concurrently.

Survival games are so ‘in’ that Don’t Starve, which previously stated that they would not release a multiplayer component, caved and released Don’t Starve Together. Klei Entertainment originally had no intention of doing this, but with these games taking off, Klei decided to capitalize on the opportunity. Luckily, Klei didn’t pull a DayZ and released a functional product that’s actually quite amazing. It’s one of the highest rated survival games on Steam with an average user rating of “overwhelmingly positive”. I’ve played Don’t Starve Together and even though the game isn’t as intuitive as Rust, it’s still fun. Game world in Don’t Starve Together is large, but servers support much fewer players. Plus, the goal in Rust is to not only survive, but participate in PvP, whereas much of Don’t Starve Together is simply to survive.

I enjoy these survival games, but I can’t play them more than a couple hours at a time. Whereas I could easily sink many more hours into various MMORPGs. Since Skyforge launched into open beta last week, I’ve already sunk countless hours into it. I played so much that i actually hit the weekly cap on progress, which is why I’m not on there right now. The one thing these survival games got right is production quality. There are so many garbage MMORPGs like Black Gold Online and Metin2, whereas most of the survival games are at least decent.

Do you currently play any survival games? If so, which are your favorites? I personally like Rust the most, simply because the building elements and resource gathering is just done so incredibly well.


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