Chinese Browser MMORPGs are All the Same

If you’ve ever played a Chinese browser MMORPG, you’ve likely played them all. Whether it’s the heavily advertised, and oddly popular, League of Angels or the more obscure Shadowbound, the simple fact is that all of these browser based MMOs developed in China are basically the same exact game. They’re built off the same engine and feature almost the same exact game mechanics. The easiest way to spot one of these games is to simply look up at the top left corner of the screen. If you see a “battle ranking” or “battle rating”, you’re most certainly playing a Chinese developed web game.

Shadowbound Gameplay

I didn’t think this was the case at first, but after playing Chrono Wars and Nova Genesis the other day, it became painfully obvious that these games are all clones of eachother. The stupidest part of these games is that they all have built in bots that essentially play the entire game for you. In most normal MMOs, “bots” are considered hacking tools and will result in account terminations, but for some reason in these web games, not only are bots allowed, the game has one built in! Everyone gets to bot! This very much defeats the purpose of a game. Shouldn’t I want to play a game because…. it’s fun? I guess not. The developers probably figured that the core gameplay itself is absolute deuce, so the only way to get anyone to play the game is to give them tools that they couldn’t have in normal games.

Nova Genesis Gameplay

I admit, I played one of these games for about a day out of curiosity. I’m a bit ashamed actually, because I left the game running for a whole day before closing it out. My curiosity got the better of me. Calling these games “MMORPGs” is definitely misleading. If anything, they’re a lot like those games that play themselves – like Cookie Clicker, Adventure Capitalist, or Clicker Heroes. Especially since most of the questing is done automatically too. The only time players need to interact with the game is to click the next quest icon, but some games even automate that too (looking at you Chaos Online).

Chaos Online Gameplay

So why do these games even exist? Why do people even play them? I have no idea. Some of these games are actually stupidly popular. League of Angels for example has over 700 servers in the U.S. and Europe alone. 700 SERVERS! It’s easily one of the most successful free to play online games and it’s absolute trash. What’s this world coming to? The only GOOD browser based MMORPGs in my opinion are Realm of the Mad God and Drakensang Online. Two actual games that require input from players. Anyway, rant over. Have you played any of these Chinese web games? What do you think?


One thought on “Chinese Browser MMORPGs are All the Same

  1. My own reason for playing a handful of these browsergames, among it favorites like Nova Genesis before its downgrade & Winterfrost Legacy, is that they work well with mobile devices and during connection-throttle times of my ISP.

    Being a decade long fantasy roleplayer, with or without computers, I remember Spelljammer AD&D or a Druidic world with ‘living firearms’ (only useful pets outside of Torchlight series, imho).

    Some of those games work very hard to force customers through. Several work even harder to ensure that playing them is no fun. But sometimes those programmers overlooked something worth indulging, and we got it for a while. 😉

    Idiotic sexism like all males are knights and all females are either wizards, or archers, or priestesses (?) IS funny to a degree. Still clones are plagiarisms, and actually not legal in most of the Western Democracies. The pseudo-franchise spreading them is pretty reluctant about lawfulness in several cases, too.

    Some theories said they lure people to spy, rob bandwidth for money, or get credit card & epay data. I don’t know.

    Contextually they are haunted by people with a horrible lack of social skills and any psychology student who spends time there without witnessing nigh all forms of ‘anti-social’ misbehavior and abusive personality types IS blind, bribed, or incompetent.

    Typical PC games like the more famous ‘Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, or Star Wars’ still allow you to shop and equip yourself. These browsergames whip each of us through a weird series of specials to collect items, usually gems, shards, whatever, and after gruesome weeks we finally get a useless weapon or armor.

    Browsergames spare us the 20 or more Gigabyte downloads of better MMORPG’s, but if I had unlimited high speed volume, then i would certainly not spend a second on browsergames ( except the one my loveliest female critic works at).

    Last but not least, one reason to check them is that even I could fund the purchase of one along with the license, and that would allow some of my stories to be presented in a more modern than text way.

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