Upcoming MMORPGs and Global Servers

So… Echo of Soul from Aeria Games still hasn’t announced a release date. I’m not particularly looking forward to it, but i’d definitely give it a try. The trailers Aeria released for it actually look really cool, but I doubt the actual game will live up to the professionally edited trailers. What’s really bad about Echo of Soul is that the game actually came out in Korea over a year ago. Not sure what the big delay is in launching in USA. Well over a year too, close to 2 years actually! I think more game publishers need to coordinate their international releases with local versions. Star Trek Online for example launched globally through Cryptic. Smite did as well (for the most part, excluding the China release).

On that note, why aren’t more games just published globally by one publisher? Ideally the developer. Nowadays SOME games go through this avenue, but rarely do they ever do it right from the get-go. It usually happens after the first publisher abandons the game. RF Online for example is available GLOBALLY through its developer. Not exactly an A+ game, but it’s cool that ANYONE can play it no matter where you are. Tibia is available globally too. As is Team Fortress 2 from Valve. It seems silly that every game doesn’t do this, but I don’t expect anything will change. I’m sorta hoping MapleStory 2 comes out in the U.S. pretty soon after it’s Korean release date. Nexon is usually pretty good with localizing their games, so I think it’ll move quickly. Anyone else wish all these developers just self-published their games? IP-Blocks suck and if the developer localized the game themselves, they wouldn’t need dozens of publishers.


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