MMO Music is Underrated

Know what I really like about some MMORPGs? The in-game music. You ever play Ultima Online? Yeah, I’m talking about that old 1997 MMORPG. I played it quite a bit when it came out and even more-so through various private servers. I’m currently even playing it now on the new AnCorp server (AnCorp was the Resurrection spell in Ultima. Clever name for a server, eh?). But anyway. Even though the game is like 16 years old, the in-game music was awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the music in Buc’s den or Minoc. Britain was a classic too. But it’s not just Ultima. Ragnarok Online had an amazing Tera has a nice sound track too. A bit under-rated but still great in my opinion. Forsaken World from Arc Games and even Last Chaos from Gamigo have neat soundtracks.

I think it’s EXTREMELY important for MMORPGs these days to have good music. Why? Because if I’m grinding in a game to level up for hours on end, I might as well do it to some good music. Sure, I can always pop open Pandora and listen to what I want, but it feels good to be immersed in the world sometimes and just soak in the game entirely without distractions. Turbine and WarpPortal are two developers that tend to have games with solid music. DDO Anyone? Or Ragnarok Online much? I think Ragnarok is my favorite sound-track of all time. Those BGMs were absolutely superb. I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I bought the Ragnarok Soundtrack and actually have some of the tracks on my play list.  On the topic of music,

A lot of games have iffy music though. Champions Online for example had pretty bland music. Cryptic is one of my favorite game studios (City of Heroes 4ever baby <3) but Champions Online just felt bland. Didn’t have any of epic stuff you’d expect from a good MMO. But yeah, MMOs need good music. So devs – pay attention! Don’t cheapen out on the music! Please!


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