Playing another new MMORPG – Aura Kingdom

I downloaded and played Aura Kingdom from Aeria Games all of yesterday. I wanted to try it because I saw a few of my buddies on Steam playing it and have been a fan of X-Legend Entertainment’s titles since the days of Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. X-Legend is a Taiwanese company that seems to re-release the same kinds of anime MMORPGs over and over again, except with a bit more polish every time.

I’ve personally played Eden Eternal for a good couple of months (reaching largely max level on most classes). Having burnt out of it, Aura Kingdom was the next logical step. Before trying Aura Kingdom I jumped into a bunch of random games from Aeria – since I already had their “ignite” client downloaded, which is basically a steam like thing, but just for their games. Scarlet Blade was nothing more than glorified fan service – think anime boobs + MMORPG mix. I tried Last Chaos too, but that game was SUPER old. I dunno why any new players would want to get into it today. It’s weird because Aeria lists Last Chaos on their website but they don’t actually publish it. Some German company called Gamigo does. But anyway, onto Aura Kingdom. Chaos Heroes Online also sucked, but I probably didn’t like it because I’m so into League, I sorta dismiss other MOBAs.

For those that haven’t played it, it’s a really beautiful looking 3D anime MMORPG. Solid graphics, great fluid gameplay, and a huge world to explore. Fans of anime games will definitely love it. There are SO many quests, so you’ll never be mindlessly grinding like you do in some games. Currently level 25 and things are still pretty exciting. So what’re you waiting for? Give it a try!


One thought on “Playing another new MMORPG – Aura Kingdom

  1. I just downloaded it and I am hoping that it turns out to be a good one. I am also playing Scarlet blade and am on level 42. I dont think it was a bad decision, there are uncountable missions and PvP is really good. Hoping to see the same level of experience that I got from Scarlet Blade at least.


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