Welcome – Weekly Musings of an MMORPG Addict

Hey all – I decided to make a blog to keep up with what I’ve been doing in the MMO space. I’ve been playing MMORPGs since Ultima Online first came out in 1997 and have played pretty much everything from pay to play to free to play.

Currently I’m playing the following games regularly:

Ultima Online on the UO AN CORP private server

League of Legends (NA)

DotA 2

I’ve been playing a little bit of ArcheAge too at a friend’s recommendation. I hit about level 12 in two days worth of casual playing. I really like the multi class system in it. Instead of a fixed class system like most MMORPGs, players just pick 3 diff group of skills to make their own class. It’s weird, but really cool. If you don’t like your class, you can just swap out one set of skills for another. Neat, huh?

I plan on updating this blog once a week to just sorta talk about whats on my mind. So stay tuned!


One thought on “Welcome – Weekly Musings of an MMORPG Addict

  1. I tried AA but was mostly bored with the game because something about the early level wasn’t that appealing so I never got to try the unique features like the court system. Also, there was so much hype about the importance of land in the game that it was really discouraging to feel that all the good real state had already been scooped up in most servers. Too many other endeavors/games I want to try, maybe some day I will return to ArcheAge.


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